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South Coast Destination Masterplan

Destination NSW Resources

The South Coast Region Destination Management Plan:
• Assesses the current status and performance of the visitor economy of the South Coast Region.
• Identifies opportunities to grow visitation to and visitor expenditure within the Region and sets the directions and priorities for growth.
• Identifies and assesses the products, services and facilities needed to meet visitor needs and expectations and to support and facilitate growth.
• Sets the vision, directions and priorities for the development, management and marketing of the South Coast Region for the period 2013-2020.
• Provides the framework for the coordination of key stakeholders and resources needed to deliver the Plan.
DOWNLOAD a copy of the South Coast DMP
Regional Visitor Economy Fund (RVEF)
The RVEF was launched in May 2013 to address a range of issues affecting tourism to Regional NSW identified in the NSW Government’s Visitor Economy Industry Action Plan (December 2012).  The RVEF is designed to contribute to the NSW Government Visitor Economy goal of doubling overnight visitor expenditure to NSW by 2020, to reach a value of $36.6 billion.
The RVEF is managed and administered by Destination NSW and supports investment in the Regional NSW visitor economy on a matched dollar-for-dollar basis.
Total funds available during the 2015-16 financial year are $7.2m.
Applications may be submitted for product development and marketing activities that will contribute to the NSW Government objective of doubling overnight visitor expenditure by 2020.
All applications must be supported by a completed Destination Management Plan relevant to the project’s region and meet the requirements outlined in the Destination NSW template. For more information, please refer to Destination Management Planning page.
Regional Flagship Events Program
The Regional Flagship Events Program supports the marketing of events that play an important role in bringing visitors to regional NSW. Increased visitation can deliver much-needed tourist dollars to communities and strengthen the regional economy. To be funded under the Regional Flagship Events Program, events must have tourism potential and reflect the character and culture of an area and act as a “flagship” for their region.
Destination NSW provides funding in $10,000 one-off grants or triennial funding of $20,000 per year for three years to event organisers to support the marketing and advertising of events.
Since 1996, the NSW Government has provided more than $5.1 million to support more than 235 events in Regional NSW.

Tourism E-Kit

The multi-award winning Tourism e kit resource, which was developed by the Australian Tourism Data Warehouse (ATDW) and covers the A to Z of online marketing and distribution, has been transitioned to its new home, TourismTribe.com.
This online training program, now comprising 64 tutorials, was developed to support, train and raise the professional standards of the tourism industry and to improve their understanding and confidence with online digital technologies. Since 2008, the e kit has proved to be more successful than anyone could have predicted having been downloaded more than 350,000 times from the ATDW website alone! 
TourismTribe.com has further developed and taken this valuable training tool to a whole new level within an online learning community with hands-on support from accredited coaches so Tourism operators can make the most of web technology.  We expect that you will find the new platform really valuable to grow your digital knowledge and skills and your online business exposure.
For further information about the transition of the Tourism e kit, please click here 
For any Tourism Tribe enquiries, please go to www.tourismtribe.com or email  wendy@digitalcoachinginternational.com.
DOWNLOAD the ATDW E-Kit Tutorial PDF
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