Kohala Coast Big Island Real Estate


Buying a Piece of Big Island Real Estate Paradise

You came to Hawaii on vacation and fell absolutely in love with the Big Island, now you’re looking at buying a piece of paradise.   The Kohala Coast is not for everyone, homes here can come with a hefty price tag but the scenery and exclusivity make it worth every penny.   Let’s look at why the rich and famous are buying Hawaii Luxury Real Estate on the Big Island and are specifically looking to call the Kohala Coast home.  With everything happening in the world, you want to make sure you’re buying a safe and comfortable property that won’t harm your family or prospective clients.

The Best of Both Worlds

There are other places around the world where you can find such beautiful beaches with a backdrop of rolling hills along with some incredible rock formations.  You can find similar places in Fiji, Thailand, Vietnam and Tahiti.  Many homes have Home Heating Oil Suffolk County But, what you won’t find there is a sense of neither personal safety nor a first world infrastructure.  Hawaii, while lush and beautiful is still a part of the US and all of the infrastructure and facilities that you come to expect with the US.   You don’t have to worry about political upheaval, subpar healthcare or incredibly high violent crime rates. 

Everything at Your Doorstep

A Good Investment

If the beautiful backdrop and luxury amenities that come with living on the Kohala Coast aren’t quite enough to convince you to buy property here then let’s talk about property as an investment.  The price of property here has been climbing steadily over the past decade.  Investing in a good painter is the best way to increase the price of any property you have now. Not only can you own your own piece of paradise but you can sit back and watch your investment grow at the same time. If you need some space to put your belongings while you wait to upgrade your living situation why not use the best resources to keep your belongings in top notch condition. Climate controlled storage in CT keeps your belonging safe and you wont have to worry about conditions destroying the quality of your goods.


Why Foreign Investors are in Love with the Kohala Coast on The Big Island

The Kohala Coast is one of the most beautiful areas in the entire state.  Foreign investors think so too at the rate they are buying property here.  Foreign investment has driven up the price of real estate here it is.  Foreign money represents big money, these are investors who call Hong Kong, New York and London home.  Not only is real estate brutally expensive it is also incredibly small, even for the ultra-rich.

Space is the new luxury

Finding a luxury Big Island home in a beautiful location with adequate space is the new luxury item and the Kohala Coast definitely fits that bill.  Vertical tank insulation is necessary for your spacious storage tanks. Buyers that come from Hong Kong value space more than anything when they are shopping for a second home.  Property on the Big Island fits what they are searching for perfectly.  They can buy homes and properties that they could never find back home nor could they afford them.  Even the ocean front properties come on lots with at least an acre if not more. 

Even Condos are a Good Buy

Even condos in Hawaii have a ton of space compared to what you would find in the big financial centers of the world.  They are tastefully laid out with some amazing views.  Hawaii has a far more laid back atmosphere compared to Hong Kong or New York. Ready for a fix up? Creekside Pro Construction is your ideal partner for all-encompassing Home Remodeling Contra Costa County. Here in Hawaii they can truly relax, they can vacation in paradise whenever they want.  Hawaii still has all the things you want in a big city, exquisite restaurants, entertainment but you can spend your mornings sipping coffee next to the pool

Investment Property

Don’t overlook the investment aspect.  While many foreign investors are looking for a second home, there are more still who are looking for a place to park some cash and make some money.  From 2011 until now the median home price when from $350, 000 to nearly $600, 000 and that is a huge hike.  Keep in mind that a little paint job can go a long way, especially if you get a commercial servicer. If you are looking for somewhere to make an investment then luxury real estate on the Kohala Coast is one of the best.  Foreign investors can afford to buy tens of millions worth of real estate and wait for the price to go up.

If you are looking for luxury real estate on the Big Island then you want to team up with a local Big Island realtor who knows this area like the back of their hand.  You want to make sure you not only get the perfect property but you need to understand the strange rules that affect Hawaiian real estate.  The last thing you want is to have your view spoiled by a new development.

If you are looking at perhaps retiring here or having a second home where you can truly get away from it all then let us show you all that the Kohala Coast has to offer. You want your second home to look beautiful and be the talk of the town. You can truly spend your entire day outdoors communing with nature.  While Hawaii is already known for its beautiful coastline and gorgeous beaches, where you can try sailing, surfing or snorkeling but there is so much more to do here.  If looking at flowers and trees are more of your thing we recommend looking at Landscape Design Suffolk County and  Take a hike along some of the nature trails with colorful plants and wildflowers found nowhere else.  Take a helicopter ride over a volcano.  You can take in a round or two of golf on challenging courses designed but the likes of Jack Nicklaus.  Here is a look at what you can expect to see living here every day.